Bailey of Hollywood

Bailey of Hollywood

When expansion to the western coast of the United States began in earnest, George S. Bailey founded the Bailey Hat Company in Los Angeles, California because he was a visionary: he knew that the leading men of Hollywood were going to be the iconic personas to dictate the trends and styles of the day and would define the image of our great country around the world.

From that moment in 1922, he and Bailey Of Hollywood devoted their time and skill to outfitting the leading men of the U.S. – actors, California ranchers, oil tycoons and businessmen – with the best hat possible, from the quality of material to the level of craftsmanship to the unmistakable style and luxury.

Hollywood Loves Bailey of Hollywood

It wouldn’t take long for Bailey’s vision and hard work to pay off, as movie stars like Cary Grant, Gary Cooper, and Humphrey Bogart became known for donning selections from Bailey Hats of Hollywood, cementing the company’s legacy and building a reputation for Bailey Of Hollywood as the premier milliner for Hollywood’s leading men. From their perch atop the fashion landscape, Bailey saw his hats expand into the other areas of the region, as the Western market had also exploded thanks to further economic and agricultural expansion across the “New West.”

Bailey of Hollywood Styles

With styles that invoke the aura of iconic characters – from the street-wise fedora worn by gangsters to the casual newsboy or the sturdy and unmistakable derby from men of business – Bailey Hats of Hollywood have been key parts of fashion trends and iconic archetypes for nearly 100 years of American history. Today, you can bring home the quality and timeless style that has been defining the style of the leading men and captains of industry that have defined and molded our country. With the impressive selection of brand-specific collections from Bailey Of Hollywood – such as “Est. 1922,” “Breed,” or “Poet” – you’re guaranteed to find that perfect look and long-lasting addition to your personal style at

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    Mannesroe Braided Fedora
    Starting at $66.00
  2. Mannes Braided Trilby
    Mannes Braided Trilby
    Starting at $66.00
  3. Niver Pork Pie
    Niver Pork Pie
    Starting at $75.00
  4. Runkle Straw Pork Pie
    Runkle Straw Pork Pie
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  5. Tessier Panama Fedora
    Tessier Panama Fedora
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    Sydney Straw Panama Trilby
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  7. Wilshire Braided Fedora
    Wilshire Braided Fedora
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    Cuban Panama Fedora
    Starting at $165.00
  9. Billy Braided Trilby
    Billy Braided Trilby
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  10. Archer Trilby
    Archer Trilby
    Starting at $75.00